A coaching journey with me means you will decide on your own next steps, with softness and in full knowledge.

As a Transition and Resilience Coach, I accompany active professionals at a crucial transition moment in their lives and who are searching their own authentic path.

I coach them to discover their path and above all to dare to follow it with self-confidence and resilience.

What is a transition?

Deciding to go from a known situation “A” to an unknown situation “B” or being obliged to do so, is in both cases experiencing a transition.

A transition is often synonym of “loss”:

  • loss of security
  • loss of something you know
  • loss of something you were hoping for
  • loss of something you were used to
  • loss of your comfort zone.

And if we say “loss”, we say “mourning & grieving,” taking time to give meaning to your loss and shaping your new future at your own pace.

It is my mission to accompany you in those moments and I do so in different ways.

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You are spending many hours in your job, and thus a huge part of your life. That’s why it is so important to feel good in this job.

But …

  • Are you really in the right place?
  • Do you know what are your talents and core values?
  • Are your talents being sufficiently exploited?
  • Do you know what are your qualities and your pitfalls?
  • What about the relationship with your colleagues or with your boss?
  • Are there certain skills you would like to reinforce (such as communication, assertiveness, self-confidence, …)
  • Do you still have enough energy when you come home at night or do you feel exhausted?
  • Do you have a career dream but don’t know how to make it come true?
  • Do you want or need to take a step back in your career?
  • Is there an important promotion that you don’t want to miss?

If you recognize yourself in any of these questions, then career coaching is the right solution for you!

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Are you

  • suffering from too much tension,
  • realizing that you can’t cope with this stress in an effective way,
  • easily irritated,
  • loosing yourself,
  • perhaps evolving towards a burnout or are already in it,
  • aware that your perfectionism is making your life impossible?

This awareness moment is another important transition moment in your life. And an important signal that it is time for coaching!

As a member of the Association of Certified Stress and Burnout Coaches (VESB) and as a coach in perfectionism, I am happy to coach you

  • to regain your energy and mental vitality
  • to discover your sources of stress, whether in your professional or private life
  • to help you to manage your emotions and your stress more effectively
  • to reinforce certain skills (such as assertiveness, communication, self-confidence, setting priorities, daring to set limits, etc.)
  • to re-integrate the labor market and avoid relapses.

We might discover that your perfectionism is one of the rootcauses of your stress. In this case I will be delighted to coach you to be able to deal with your perfectionism, in a balanced way, to see it as an ally an no longer as an enemy, to allow yourself more “feeling”, “making your own choices” and privileging “willing” above “having to”.

Each coaching-journey is tailor-made.  

Do you already want to know how you are doing as far as stress is concerned?

Then do the “Burnout Assessment Tool” (BAT), a tool developed by KU Leuven, which allows you to determine the risk of professional burnout. Note: this tool does not diagnose (and as a coach this I not my role neither); this remains a medical responsibility.

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