For anyone who is facing a radical transition or a situation of loss and seeking coaching or guidance in order to be able to respond in a serene and positive way and … to bounce back.
What is a transition?


To “Bounce Back” … I experienced it a few times in my private and professional life. And each time, it gave me new energy and strength.

I am truly convinced that every step you take, even in difficult situations, brings you closer to who you are.

What can I do for you as an individual?
Are you at a turning point in your life, whether private or professional?
Are you experiencing a difficult transition moment and willing to transform it into an opportunity?
Do you experience a situation of personal or professional loss?
Do you wish to give a new direction to your career and your life?
Are you looking for “your inner compass”?
Are you lacking self-confidence to take that next step?
Are fears and limiting beliefs hampering you?
Do you want to increase your resilience?

What can I do for your as a company or an organization?
Are you going through a restructuring and do you want to accompany employees in this period of uncertainty and loss?
Are you, as a company, confronted with other situations of loss or grieving?
Do you as a company or organization want to introduce demotion in a respectful way?
Are you looking for a testimonial, an intervention in your management team or a debate about demotion?
Do you want to organize an inspiring lecture on demotion or a related theme?
Do you want to organize a workshop on resilience, “finding your inner compass” and other related themes?

As an “expert by experience” and certified transition & resilience coach I guide individuals through coaching (click to page 3 “Guidance and working method”) either directly or through the company where they work.

In companies and organizations (click to page Companies) I coach , I give advice, I provide lectures and training on demotion, transition, resilience and related topics

Interested? Feel free to contact me via the Contact page.

Warm regard