Transition Demotion Resilience

What is a transition?

If you go from a well known situation A to an unknown situation B, then you experience a transition.

Transition is often accompanied by «loss»:
– loss of security
– loss of something you knew
– loss of something you hoped for
– loss of something you were just used to
– loss of your comfort zone.

Whoever says “loss” says “mourning”, taking time, at your own rhythm, giving meaning to the loss you experienced and shaping a new future. This cycle is also called the “transition circle”.

With which transitions can you be confronted as an individual?
• A new job
• A new boss
• A promotion or a demotion
• A resignation
• Giving a new direction to your life
• The death of a loved one
• A divorce
• A health problem

Within companies and organizations transition can mean:
• A restructuring, a merger, …
• A new CEO or boss
• The death of an employee
• Employees going through heavy personal transitions
• A dismissal
• A demotion


What is demotion and why this theme?

Demotion or taking a step back on the hierarchical ladder is a specific form of transition or a loss moment.

Why this specific focus on this theme?

  • Because this theme is still very taboo
    • Because it has been my most valuable career step and because I would like to share this experience with you
    • Because one in every three employees runs the risk of having to take a step back in their career in the near future
    • Because careers in the future can not only evolve vertically and linearly
    • Because we need more and different career paths because of the need to work longer before we can retire


You are an individual and you are
•  considering taking a step back?
•  obliged to take a step back?
•  wondering what would be the best approach?
•  looking for a sounding board for your limiting beliefs?
•  looking for a better balance and self-leadership?

You are a company and you are
•  looking for advice to introduce demotion within your company in an acceptable & respectful way?
•  looking for concrete tips & tricks?
•  wondering which are the conditions that must be met to apply demotion?


What is resilience?

Why are some people more able than others to cope with setbacks?

Why are they able to endure some situations and adapt themselves more easily than others?

Why do they have the ability to go on despite difficult circumstances?

That is what we call “resilience”. The power to rebound … to Bounce Back ;-)!
Resilience is something that grows through the years, thanks to the “things of life”, thanks to our experiences.
But you can also train resilience, like a muscle. Three elements are important here:

– Attitude: how do you look at things ?, what is your mindset ?, can you put the events in perspective ?, are you positive ?, ….
– Connection: would it help you to connect with others?, who are your secure bases? do you dare to be vulnerable ?, …
– Balance: how do you feel about yourself ?, in your head ?, what about your energy? how do you ensure balance ?, …
You are an individual and you
• are dealing with a setback or a difficult moment in your life?
•  you want to foster your resilience?
You are a company and you
• want to increase the resilience of your employees?
• want to organize a key-note on the theme?

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